The Confident Eater's Guide to Summer

Free 4-part series + workbook to help you have your most confident summer yet


Get Ready For Your Most Confident Summer Yet.

This summer, we're helping you create your most confident summer yet with The Confident Eater's Guide to Summer.

With the 4-part series on the Eat with Confidence Podcast + a free workbook to help you jump right into implementing what you learn, we'll help you prepare yourself for potentially difficult situations you might encounter over the next few months.

We'll be covering 4 different parts of how to develop food + body confidence through the summer, and addressing some common summer challenges.

Join us for the Confident Eater's Guide to Summer to learn . . .

  • How to navigate all the challenges that happen with summer (schedule, weather, eating, kids, home . . . all of it!)
  • How to eat confidently while traveling + on vacation
  • How to prepare for social gatherings (including dealing with what other people think of you AND navigating social eating situations)
  • How to nurture positive body image during the summer (even in a swimsuit)

Anticipating those challenges around food + body image will help you show up prepared to have your most confident summer yet!

Click the button below to grab the free workbook, and make sure to tune into the Eat With Confidence Podcast to catch Parts 1-4 of the Confident Eater's Guide to Summer podcast episodes.

-> Ep. 128: Part 1 - Navigating Change

-> Ep 129: Part 2 - Confident Eating While Traveling

-> Ep 130: Part 3 - Handling Social Gatherings with Confidence

-> Ep 131: Part 4 - Nurturing Positive Body Image During the Summer



Meet Emily + Stephanie

Here at Eat Confident Co.,  we pride ourselves in taking a unique, compassionate, and empowering approach to health and well-being. We believe you have all the tools you need to know how to eat and care for yourself, you may just need practice, support and encouragement in doing so. That's where this free 5-day series comes in! We're here to give you the support + encouragement you need and the time you need to practice, with our guidance along the way.

We use  a weigh-neutral, non-diet approach to health and well-being. That means we take the focus off you weight (where you you may have been putting the focus for much of your life) and put it  onto health-promoting behaviors. Not only will that lead to more peace for you , but this approach has also been proven to be the most effective + sustainable for your helath and well-being.

WE firmly believe your body has your back + it knows exactly what it needs and what weight it wants to be. So your job isnt to count calories, track macros, follow a rigid meal plan, or micromanage your food or your weight. Your job is only to listen to, connect with and practice respect for what your body communicates to you.

As nutrition professionals, we can help you build confidence, knowledge, and trust in your ability to make food decisions without a strict set of rules. We take an all-foods-fit mentality in helping you build more nourishing + satisfying food patterns. Positive changes take time, practice, and patience... but will keep you out of the vicious cycle of diets, food rules, and rigid meal plans. 

No matter how discouraged or hopeless you feel, we have every confidence that you can find a peaceful relationship with food and your body...and we're here to help you get there.