About Us

We meet you where you are +
add to what you already know.

Hey there! We're Stephanie + Emily.

Have you ever thought, “Maybe I just can’t trust myself with food?” 

It’s an incredibly common concern, and we’ve been there too.

In fact, we created Eat Confident Co. because it’s what we wish we’d had when we were struggling to make peace with food and our bodies.

Here’s what we found out...

It’s impossible to jump straight from food rules to food freedom. 

We spent a lot of time feeling stuck + overwhelmed by what felt like a gigantic gap between where we were and where we wanted to be.

We’ve found that the women who seek our help feel the exact same way.

There are a lot of steps between trusting others to tell you what to eat and trusting yourself to know how to eat. 



We build you a bridge between where you’ve been and where you want to be.

We also learned that we knew more than we thought we did about how to eat and take care of ourselves. 

The women we help find the same. 


All of your past food + body image experiences are vital parts of your story.

The journey to food and body confidence takes a lot of twists and turns. No story is the same, and there’s no one right path. 

We don’t want you to worry about where you’ve been - we want to help you embrace it wholeheartedly. 


You will become a Confident Eater, not in spite of your past experiences, but because of them.

We’ll show you how to build on what you already know, to get you where you want to go.

If anxiety about food or weight has taken all the pleasure out of eating, we can to help you love food again while respecting the body you’re in. 

We’ll help you shift from intimidation, confusion + frustration, to peace, confidence, + satisfaction.


You can become the Confident Eater you want to be.

As nutrition professionals, we can help you build confidence, knowledge, and trust in your ability to make food decisions without a strict set of rules. 


We use a weight-neutral, non-diet approach to health and wellbeing.

This approach is well supported by science + clinical practice, and we’d love to help you implement strategies and principles to begin living a life free from food + body preoccupation.

No matter how discouraged or hopeless you feel, we have every confidence that you can find a peaceful relationship with food + your body.


You can become a Confident Eater, and we can show you how.