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Confident Eating 2.0

A little over a year ago, we created a Confident Eating 2.0 course for the VIP members of Eat Confident Collective. Our VIP members had been with us for 1 year or longer, and we felt like they needed additional and advanced training in becoming a Confident Eater.

With Eat Confident Collective closing its doors at the end of July, we’ve received many requests for continued access to this course. Because of that, we’ve found a way to grant life-time access to past members of Eat Confident Collective!

Our CE 2.0 course includes 4 modules covering these topics:

  • Confident Eating assessment and goal setting
    • Take the Confident Eating self-assessment to help you identify areas you’re making progress, and areas where you need help.
    • Target your weak areas with specific goal setting strategies.
  • How to stay the course with Confident Eating
    • Navigate weight gain as you’ve left diet culture and embraced Intuitive Eating and Confident Eating.
    • Create realistic expectations for what progress looks like
    • Get clear on WHY you want to work on Confident Eating skills
    • Practice self-compassion as you unlearn diet culture and learn Confident Eating
  • Embracing the power of natural outcomes and consequences in behavior change 
    • Use your body’s feedback to guide food choices and self-care decisions.
    • Put yourself back in charge of your eating habits. 
    • Work through disappointment and frustration with your body when you don’t like what it’s asking you to do.
    • Be guided by your body to a middle ground with food.
  • How to handle diet culture triggers long-term
    • Learn practical ways to keep yourself safely out of diet culture.
    • Accept that you may be triggered and be prepared for how to support yourself through it.
    • Intentionally create a food and body positive environment… for life.

These are definitely topics only appropriate for people with a background in Confident Eating principles. We are so proud of this course and how it has helped our members continue to progress in building trust and confidence with food + their bodies.

If you’ve landed on this page, you are a current or past member of Eat Confident Collective.

Have you found yourself feeling stagnant in making the changes you want to make in healing your relationship with food and your body?

We find this is SUPER common, especially for those who have been practicing Intuitive Eating and Confident Eating principles for a while.

It’s quite normal to hit a point where you feel distracted, disenchanted, or even question if it’s right for you.

Or maybe you just feel like what you’ve learned has only gotten you so far, and you need help moving forward from here.

We’d like to help you work through that, and ultimately lead you to big breakthroughs in healing.

Are you ready to level up? We hope so!

Choosing to close the doors of Eat Confident Collective was an extremely difficult decision, especially because we believe so deeply in its mission and message. 

So when members of ECC asked for continued access to our Confident Eating 2.0 course, we jumped at the opportunity to see Confident Eating live on through YOU

If you’d like to continue learning and practicing Confident Eating, we’d love to continue to support you with this course.