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Please read this waiver to state that you understand the terms + conditions of our program.  


I voluntarily agree to participate in online group coaching with Eat Confident Co (ECC). I recognize that this program is not a replacement for individualized medical care. Any action taken as a result of membership is done at my own sole discretion and risk.

 I understand that Eat Confident, LLC strongly recommends that I also maintain a relationship with one or more physicians qualified to care for health condition(s). (For example, in the case of children I am advised to seek the advice of a pediatrician; if I have cardiovascular disease, consult with a cardiologist; and if I have cancer, consult with an oncologist, etc.)

 ECC professionals are only licensed in the state in which they live, which may not be the state where I live. I agree to online health coaching across state lines.

 If I choose to participate in the Facebook support group or ask questions in coaching calls, I recognize that it’s a public forum, and therefore not anonymous or confidential. If I choose to submit questions ahead of time for coaching calls, I understand that can ask to be kept anonymous.

I assume all risks and will not hold Eat Confident Co. liable for any damages incurred while receiving services.

 Since all memberships are on auto-renewal, I understand that I am responsible for notifying ECC when I want to cancel my membership.

 I understand that I am required to give a 7-day cancellation notice before my account/card is rebilled. If I miss the 7-day window, I understand that I will be charged for the current month with full access to the membership until the next billing cycle.

 I agree to be supportive, kind, and considerate of other group members on coaching calls and in the Facebook group.

 I recognize that the value I receive from this group will be directly proportionate to the time and effort I give it. Progress is variable, and membership in and of itself doesn’t guarantee any specific outcome.

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6-month Membership

Become a Confident Eater!

Eat Confident Collective is the group coaching program where you'll finally find food + body confidence.

Membership Includes:

  • Monthly masterclasses on timely, relevant, and important topics to support you as you become a Confident Eater.

  • Monthly downloadable workbooks to accompany the masterclasses (so you can go deeper + apply what you learn).

  • Weekly group coaching calls with Stephanie + Emily to get your questions answered (and benefit from hearing other people’s questions!). 

  • Community support for encouragement, validation, and solidarity.

  • Membership area for easy access to call recordings + bonus materials.

  • Private Facebook community to get support from like-minded women on the same journey to Confident Eating

  • Monthly 1:1 video feedback - you share your individual concerns with us and Stephanie + Emily respond through video with personalized strategies for you to practice.

  • A library of supplemental videos on common food, exercise, and body image concerns with specific action steps to take.

*Please note: this 6-month membership option in Eat Confident Collective is not a subscription. It is a one-time payment, and after 6 months your membership will expire. 

What Our Members Are Saying:

Although I was working on Intuitive Eating pretty seriously before joining the group, I was never able to truly let go of the food obsession and just live my life until the last few months. I thought it might take years to get here, but with your help it only took a few months, and that is worth every penny I spend in the Collective - and more. Thank you so much for everything you’re doing!

Emily, ECC Member

I joined a few weeks ago! I discovered the podcast first...and now i've fully made the leap into the Collective! I'm currently working my way through the [content] and I can already feel my head spinning every single time I listen! I've been stuck in diet culture since I was a child...It's been so liberating to find this group and begin to trust my body!

Emma, ECC Member