Meal Planning with Confidence Kit

Join Emily + Stephanie on how to use meal planning as a tool for Confident Eating.
  • Use our meal planning template to give yourself the balance of structure + flexibility you need to feel confident with food.
  • Implement our formula for balanced meals while still using your own food preferences as your guide.
  • Learn our 6 steps to meal planning as a confident eater, with tips + strategies to make it a successful self-care tool in your life.

Get the meal planning kit (including 6 steps to meal planning + our template) today so you can feel confident around food.


Meal planning is not just for dieting.

Meal planning is a great tool for learning to eat intuitively + confidently. It's helpful for giving yourself the flexible structure you need to feel confident around food. 

We get questions like these all the time:

  • Can I meal plan while trying to be an intuitive eater?
  • How do I meal plan without skipping back into dieting?
  • Does meal planning mean being on a diet?

We know these are common concerns about meal planning, and that's why we've created this meal planning kit for you!

It's absolutely possible to meal plan without dieting.

Meal planning is actually a fantastic tool to help you eat more intuitively + respect your body . . . when it's done the right way and with the right intentions.

A confident eater's approach to meal planning is about what you WANT to eat not what you think you SHOULD eat.

It's about feeling nourished + satisfied - not about tracking calories, macros, or points.

It's about anticipating your needs + honoring your preferences - not ignoring your needs for the sake of following someone else's rules for how you should eat.

The kind of meal planning we encourage is a flexible structure where you anticipate your needs while still leaving room for life to happen.

In this Confident Meal Planning Kit, you'll learn our 6 Steps to Meal Planning with Confidence, as well as getting our helpful template to put it all into practice.

You can find food confidence with meal planning and we can show you how!