Summer Resources for You During Our Break

Jun 02, 2021

We're taking a break from our regular weekly episodes on the Eat with Confidence podcast for the months and June and July 2021...but we wanted to make sure you have plenty of support and resources while we're gone!

Here are the links to all the resources we mention.

Past Podcast Episodes:

Ep 128: Navigating Change [Part 1 - Confident Eater's Guide to Summer]

Ep 129: Confident Eating While Traveling [Part 2 - Confident Eater's Guide to Summer]

Ep 130: Handling Social Gatherings with Confidence [Part 3 - Confident Eater's Guide to Summer]

Ep 131: Nurturing Positive Body Image During the Summer [Part 4 - Confident Eater's Guide to Summer

Ep 117: 5 Ways to Feel Better About Your Body

Ep 77: How to Feel Confident in a Swimsuit Without Changing Your Body

Ep 63: Stop Negative Body Talk

Grab our summer workbook!

For journal prompts + action steps to help you have your most confident summer yet, grab our free workbook, Confident Eater's Guide to Summer! It goes along with our 4-part podcast episode series (Ep 128-131) and is a great way for you to implement some helpful strategies specific to challenges you may face this summer.

Eat with Confidence Patreon

If you want to continue receiving new podcast episodes through the summer, join our Patreon Community! You'll get a monthly episode (exclusive to our Patrons!) and a downloadable workbook to go along with the episode. Learn more here!

Eat Confident Collective

For a higher level of support, check out our group coaching program, Eat Confident Collective. You'll get monthly masterclasses, weekly coaching calls, a supportive community, a supplemental video library, monthly 1:1 video feedback to personalize your membership, and more! Learn more here.

Raising Confident Eaters Course

Help your kids cultivate + maintain a healthy, positive relationship with food + their bodies in our comprehensive online course! Learn more here.

Have a fantastic summer!

We hope to be able to connect with you in some way during our summer podcast break, whether it's one of the above resources or on Instagram.

We wish you your most confident summer yet, and we'll be back with our regularly scheduled weekly episodes in August!

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If you’d like more support + guidance in your process of becoming a Confident Eater, we’re here to help. Learn more about our group coaching program, Eat Confident Collective.

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