Ep 92: How Your Food Beliefs Influence Your Entire Life - An Interview with Eat Confident Collective Member Jenn Ashton

Sep 24, 2019


Today, we’re excited to share an interview with you that we did with one of our Eat Confident Collective members, Jenn. You’ll get to know Jenn better as you hear us talk to her, and she’ll share her story. We have loved seeing Jenn’s progress and the incredible work she’s done to become a confident eater.

In this episode, Jenn talks about her history with food and body struggles, how her relationship with exercise has changed, how her personal struggles affected her marriage, and where she is now after several months of work on her relationship with food and her body.

Jenn also shares some insight into her experience in Eat Confident Collective, which is always so fun for us to hear.


Here are the links we mentioned in the interview:

The Power of the Drizzle

Jenn’s show on Utah Public Radio, Bread and Butter

Jenn’s adorable AirBnB cottage near Logan, UT


Lastly, we want to invite you to join us inside Eat Confident Collective. The doors are open right now - they’ll close in just over a week - and this will be your last chance to get in until next spring, 2020. 

If this interview gave you the inspiration you needed to get some support in healing your relationship with food and your body, we’d be honored to have you join us - and Jenn! - in our coaching program.

You can find all the details at eatconfident.co/collective, and we’d love to see you in there.

Thanks so much for listening, and we’ll talk to you next week!

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