Ep 149: Gratitude as a Tool for Positive Body Image

Nov 24, 2020


‘Tis the season for gratitude, and this week we’re putting a Thanksgiving spin on a common topic here on the podcast - body image. Specifically, how to use gratitude as a tool for positive body image.

Gratitude might just be the magic bullet for healing your body image; listen in to hear some strategies we recommend to cultivate more of it in relation to your body.

We also want to give you a heads up that we'll be taking a few weeks off of the podcast in December 2020.

If you want some holiday resources during our little mini-break to help you in staying confident with food and body through the holidays, we have some resources for you!

We did a podcast series of holiday coaching tips last year (in 2019, throughout November and December). Click the links below to listen to those 8 mini-episodes, which are just as relevant today just as they were last year. (Ep. 98-105)


Holiday Coaching Tips:


Ep 98: Holiday Coaching Tip #1

Ep 99: Holiday Coaching Tip #2

Ep 100: Holiday Coaching Tip #3

Ep 101: Holiday Coaching Tip #4

Ep 102: Holiday Coaching Tip #5

Ep 103: Holiday Coaching Tip #6

Ep 104: Holiday Coaching Tip #7

Ep 105: Holiday Coaching Tip #8


Another great resource that may feel helpful for you this time of year is our “Don't Be Spooked by Sugar” video series we did on Instagram in October.

We put them in the context of Halloween (because it was the week of Halloween when we filmed!), but they're still applicable to the food situations you may be facing over the holidays.

Don’t Be Spooked By Sugar - Day 1

Don’t Be Spooked by Sugar - Day 2

Don’t Be Spooked by Sugar - Day 3

Don’t Be Spooked by Sugar - Day 4

Don’t Be Spooked by Sugar - Day 5


With the videos + the podcast episodes, we think you're going to be set for a confident holiday season! We will be back here on the podcast for the final week of December to wrap up 2020 with you.

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