Ep 142: Why We’re Not Interested in Helping You Lose Weight + What We Do Instead

Oct 06, 2020


When you think of a nutritionist, chances are you think of someone who will help you "eat better" and lose weight.

We are not that kind of nutritionist.

We’re actually not very interested in what you eat. Or how much you weigh. 🤯

What we want to know (and help you with!) is why + how you eat, and how you feel about it.

Our job is to support you as an eater AND as a person - not just a body to be fixed.

We’re here to help you shift the way you relate to food + your body to something more peaceful than you have right now.

We will never be the one to arm you with more weapons in your battle against yourself and your food. (Weapons like that come in the form of food rules, shoulds / should nots, and weight loss advice. Not our thing.)

We know it's a bit mind-bending to imagine what a nutritionist would actually do to accomplish this. Like, if we’re not helping people lose weight, what are we even doing? 🤷

That's what we want to share with you today - what we do, how we can help you, and how it's different from your typical nutritionist.

❌ Other nutritionists might have you track, measure, or closely monitor your food and how much you're eating.

✔️ We teach you to become aware of WHY you're eating and give you strategies to make you're eating more regular and normal (while avoiding overeating and compulsive/emotional eating).


❌ Other nutritionists might talk to you about BMI, scare you about the consequences of so-called "extra weight," and preach about more willpower and self-control.

✔️ We teach you about habits + behaviors that will improve your health no matter your weight, and encourage you to honor your body without restriction.


❌ Other nutritionists might give you meal plans, approved food lists, grocery lists, or rigid rules around food.

✔️ We teach you tools + strategies to align your food preferences (aka what you actually like to eat) with your body's needs for nourishment and satisfaction.


❌ Other nutritionists might tell you when you can eat (i.e. no eating after 6pm, skipping breakfast, no snacking, limiting calories at meals, etc.).

✔️ We teach you how to listen to the wisdom of your appetite and how to eat the appropriate amount of food when you're hungry.


❌ Other nutritionists might tell you to stop eating emotionally, to get rid of "problem foods," or to eliminate foods.

✔️ We teach you how + when emotional eating is just fine, and how to work with it if you feel out of control. I teach you how to live with all foods in your house and how to eat confidently no matter where you are or what people around you are eating - no food elimination diet necessary.


❌ Other nutritionists might make you feel like they are the expert and you'd better do what they say if you want to make "progress" (which is usually code for weight loss).

✔️ We teach you that, despite our expertise, you are the best expert on your own body; our job is only to teach you how to trust yourself + cultivate confidence in your own ability to eat well. We don't care how much you weigh, and we measure your progress by how you feel.


Our method is different, for sure. We’re not typical.

But neither are you. 

You deserve something different than the same old crap you've been hearing about food + health.

You deserve to be taught how to trust and honor yourself and your body.

You deserve more than the years of weight loss attempts and food fights you've been given.

You deserve peace, freedom, and confidence, in the body, you have right now.

If that sounds like something you want, then we'd love to work with you.

Our doors are open right now for our group coaching program, Eat Confident Collective. 

All those things we listed up above? That's what we do in the Collective. 

If you're ready to be surrounded by women who get you + coaches who truly support you, then the Collective is right for you.

Click the button below to learn more about our program. This just might be the solution you've been looking for.

We want to help you open your mind to the possibility of feeling awesome without obsessing about food or your body.

It's time to try something different. If you're ready to give yourself that chance, we'll see you inside!

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